Civil Disobedience: Peaceful Protests Against Conformity

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Yes, civil disobedience is an important role for making democracies work effectively because it is one of the diving factors that allows individual to exercise the right to free speech and speaks against unjust government and its laws. Throughout the history of the US civil disobedience has played a significant role in many of the social reforms that we all take for granted today. The civil right movement achieved many great things, their powerful protest created Immense amount of awareness for the oppression of black people in America. Protest like the Montgomery bus boycott, Selma Montgomery marchers, this outlawed discrimination based on racial, ethnic national religious and gender identity.

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In the article “civil disobedience; what happens when the government is wrong”, the author describes how it was part of the government made with their citizens leading through civil disobedience, which was formed where a citizen intentionally refuses to participate in action in order to bring attention to unjust the laws. Civil disobedience is often an effectiveness means of changing laws and protecting liberties. It embodies an important moral concept that there are times when law and justice do not coincide and that to obey the law at such times can be ethical responsibility. During the American civil right, the act of violence in civil disobedience has been for years. Philosopher Henry David, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King were thrown in jail for engaging civil disobedience. In this emphasis those peaceful nonviolent were quite effective in America history. One of the most impactful examples of civil disobedience was during the civil right movement was one of the marchers for black southerners, voting right for Selma southerners, Alabama to Montgomery which resulted the Alabama police officers towards marchers they tried to cross Edmund bridge, protesters were attacked by the police dogs, sprayed with fire horses and beaten who were allowed to do by state and local government.

The African American had no solutions to this problem as they were taught by previous leader Martin Luther King that passive resistance and civil disobedience were commendable way of disapproving authorities so they turned to more forces’ of resistance the Article “from Selma to black power” by Benjamin Hadin Demonstrates that the version of history, emphasis on isolated event, that civil activist describe as issue of equity racial and voting rate. The author talks about the intention and attitude that signed an important direction for SNCC to the whole civil right movement which spread the idea of an independent black political parties for Lowndes county. The black power movement set does of fundamental platforms for the advancement of African American, black power was not only contenting factor but civil right movement also played a big role in achieved equality African American. It suggests that Black power made positive lasting contribution to African American lifestyles. Selma demonstrate how the black power movement differenced from the conscientiously Gandhi influence nonviolent civil disobedience strategy. Ultimately, both black power and king’s movement led a transformation of would how that could affect all strata of society and not just African Americans. One thing that Selma also shows is the way blacks rebranded themselves as possessing the potential for moral spiritual and political leadership of America society, because the movement represent the highest and nonviolent aspirations of white America.

Considering the article in “1963 the beginning of the feminist movement “kina Cochrane explains that the icon of feminist effected changed in western society, including women’s suffrage; more equitable pay with men. The right of women to make individual decision regarding pregnancy’s author mention racism where black women were snigger inly referred to as chocolates bunnies and were treated as bunnies. Feminist movement emerged for instance suffrage movement leaders knew that this was a significant impediment to achieving suggested that the failure of the civil right movement subsequently lead to the rise of black, therefore it appeared that was a need for alternative method to exchange equality.

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