Chronological Order of History of Stonehenge

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In this section of the essay I will open up the topic and general idea by starting with an attention grabber. or a very interesting statement that intrigues the reader and draws them in to see what I'm talking about. Also, I will implement my thesis statement and my topic sentence to state what the passage is going to consist of, as this is what I will center my whole essay around. The introduction as well as the full passage is going to need a backbone, so there will be supporting sentences to help my thesis and further base my intro which will eventually lead & guide me into the next section.

In this section of my passage I will start to go in-depth about the history of the stonehenge. Also there will be a lot of citations and maybe the bulk of my bibliography may come from here. Because this section is where the bulk of my research and information is. There would be a chronological order of history of the Stonehenge . also I will address and deep dive into some of the paranormal accusations that happed in stone heng and even debunk them.but, for the most part, this will be an informative paragraph documenting Stonehenge and its early origins.

What is the mystery of Stonehenge? To start this paragraph/section will present lots of questions that I will later follow to further explain these mysterious instances. I will specifically quote some of the people that saw these strange activities and get a document of the instances which intern will help support some of the later ideas that may be developed. Also the reasoning of these sudden sparks occurring spontaneously to others around the area. As well as the process of myth being carried around and how they start, how they can be blown out of proportion and how the can be falsely developed or miscommunicated. Some of the ancient rituals and practices that lead to some of the assumptions of paranormal Stonehenge.

People who built it and why it was built? This will be primarily composed of the origin of the henge and who is its creator and all of the people that contributed. it was said that it has been under construction for 1500 years (the infographics show) built when man was just using bone and antler tools. I will elaborate on facts like his and get more factual evidence that supports or will support my topic. I will then go on to explain ist builders and founders and list some of the collective groups of people that worked on this over time. This will help me go on to why it was built and some of the purposes of it, also what each group of people used it for throughout its time of use and how they differed from one another.

The stone henge’s impact on culture and what it is used for today- on this section I will start wrapping up my whole essay. restating my thesis and major point to sum up the overall conveyed message. But before that is done I will talk about the current state of the Stonehenge and what it is used for now and what brings people there. This were I will look up some of the current events involving the Stonehenge. As well as the people and tourists that come by and their articles and experience. this section will be short, sweet and to the point.

Overall I’ve understood most of what needed to be done, but one of the problems that I was having was, that some of the works sited articles didn't have the full date that I needed. For example, the dates were like 2014 with no month or date and the ones that I believe that I need for example needed to be like this, January 12, 2017. Also, the origin of the stone henge has no known source, nobody fully knows how they were built so I might be lacking information about that part of the subject.   

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