Author's Depiction of Psychohygiene in Jewish Camps in the Book Man'S Search For Meaning

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Psychohygiene is a term used by Frankl in Man’s Search for Meaning. The word is used to depict ways of encouraging psychological mental health. The author Frankl talks about numerous ways to depict Psychohygiene in the camps, but one of his first examples is when the Jews where being entered in the camp and how most of them suffered from a state of shock.

Another example was his choice of having a goal to live for. He did not let his hopes die, expect he talked about how he spent his daily life thinking about the tiny details of his day. An example of Frankl talking about spending his day having hope is stated in the first part of his story is by him looking for wire, to make it like a shoelace. When the prisoners would get frustrated, Frankl would remind his fellow inmates about the future, and how that would imagine themselves in the future when they are out of the camp.

For me, the situation depended on Frankl, the decision is very hard to either agree or disagree with the decision of not leaving Austria. The position he was in was significantly psychological and he made the decision based on what he believed in. No one makes a decision like that if he is not surly positive about it. For myself, I would not stay in Austria because I am not the type of person who is optimistic about life. But for Frankl, I would agree with his decision because he had hope, he thought about life outside of the camp. One quote I really liked came on page 64 was ‘When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” This depicts what he was aiming after his life in the camp.

In the flying lessons video, Frankl says an individual has to look up and aim for the sky to see the individual’s true strength. If an individual looks down all the time and aims low in his life, that person will never get anywhere in life. A person should tackle all problems stopping you from that goal. When he was in camp, every guard kept him from reaching his dreams, his goals, his future. Having a goal kept him alive in that camp. No matter what problems he faced, he kept looking at the future and imaging himself being free and out of this place.

Logotherapy; a theory is known to belong to Frankl, Logotherapy is that the purpose of life is the true motivation of the individual’s life. Being optimistic can lead to a happier life, a happier mindset throughout that individual’s life but being too optimistic can affect the presence of that individual.

This book was very hard for me when I started reading it at first, I was like ‘ugh, another school book’ but once I got deeper in the book, I began loving it. Even though it was difficult for me to analyze the words he was depicting, the book began to make sense, To me, the first part of the book was easier to analyze and read then part 2.

I did not realize people in the camp had optimized as Frankl did. I was surprised by the fact that Frankl was able to describe the situation without having any mental issues. I was also surprised that he wrote everything the way it actually happened, which made me feel like I was part of the story. I have always known about the Holocaust but I did not know about it enough. The book again was very difficult to read. I kept on searching the vocab I encounter up on google to understand it a little more. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who would not mind looking up the things he does not understand.

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