Abstract Expressionism in the Post War Era

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In World War 2, many countries were destroyed by Hitler and his army. There were allies which were the U.S., Britain, France, USSR, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, and Yugoslavia and the axis powers, which were Germany, Japan, and Italy. Britain was one of the last countries to be destroyed by Hitler. Hitler also stepped up his army. Germany destroyed Europe and left Europe in ashes and uninspired. Their art was destroyed and they had to be war artists. However, before the war they were exploring new, art and they loved doing different art.

After the war, though, those who stayed made a new art called Abstract art. They loved the art so much and were so glad that they had some inspiration. Soon America found the art when they toured Europe. They thought it was so cool and unique so they decided to make their version of it and tour it in Europe. As a result, Europeans were so happy and had enough money to rebuild their country. This movement shows examples that people can and will keep on trying to win, beautiful art can be shared around the world, and something good can come out of something tragic.

World War 2 was a world wide tragedy. World War 2 started when Germany invaded Poland in September of 1939. Britain was an ally that contributed to the start of the war. Britain was one of the last countries to be hit by Hitler. Hitler also joined forces with Luftwaffe, which was an aerial welfare military. In the article , The German Threat to Britain in World War 2, from mid July the Luftwaffe stepped up the military pressure by attacking the channel ports. Hitler also joined forces with Luftwaffe, which was an aerial welfare military. When they joined, Germany became more powerful since they had more resources and they used this to their advantage. However, Britain knew that they were coming.

So they stepped up too. By the end of July of 1940, there was half a million people that volunteered to fight after the invasion in earlier 1940. May Churchill also put General Sir Edmund Ironside in charge of the military. Churchill set a bunch traps and barriers to delay the attack of the Germans. When they started fighting, Germany had the advantage by having Luftwaffe helping them. Then when Luftwaffe stepped up their game and attacked the channel ports. The Germans had hit the Britains very bad and destroyed the channel port.

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However, after the war, the artists who stayed in Britain discovered a new art. The artists were Alan Davie, William Scott, and Roger Hilton. The artists continued to explore this art and decided to tour it in their Country. Lucky for them, artists from America came over to see the exhibits. Jackson Pollock was one was of the most famous artist that came over to Europe. In the source Jackson Pollock by American History, Jackson Pollock was born on January 28, 1912 in Cody, Wyoming. He was a trouble child and would get suspended from schools a lot. In high school he got expelled from a school called Manual Arts High School. However, during high school, he developed an interest in art. After high school, he moved to New York where his brothers lived. He took art classes there and Thomas Hart Benton was his mentor.

However, as he was growing, so was his addiction. He confronted his addiction, but fell into it still. He was looked down on it for that. After the war, he noticed that Europe had discovered a new art. So he decided to go over there and see the exhibits. Other artists decided to do the same. When they saw the art they were so inspired that they went back to America and started making abstract art. The artists in Britain were so happy that their art was shared internationally. Also, after the Americans got more experience they came back to Europe to show their version of the art. The art had come full circle and had traveled for miles to come back to the same place it started.

Although, it could’ve been a coincedence that the art didn’t come out the war. For example, artists like Picasso had made art before the war in Paris. However, the art had blew up after the war. Also the artists had gotten inspiration from the war. In the war, most of them had to be war artists. They drew everything from what was going on in the war to threats to the other side. After the war, artists were filled with emotion and tragedy and wanted to let it out. Abstract art was the best way to put their emotion in their art and for it still to be acceptable as art.

The artists in Europe had discovered a new art because of the terrible time they went through with the war. From being invaded, to becoming war artists, to being left in ashes by the end of the war, they had gone through a lot in those years of war. But, in the end it would be worth it. They ended up creating a new form of art that showed a lot of the emotion they had felt inside, on a paper. They shared it with the Americans, which helped start their art journey. The Americans then made it very popular and shared it with the rest of the world. This was an important time in history were a country went from being in ashes to having their country rebuilt and beautiful. In the end their tragedy turn into a triumph.

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