Essay Samples on Zoology

A Comparison of the Skulls of a Lion and Horse

An animal’s skull is a highly diversified part of the body. It has evolved over thousands of years to suit the creatures eating habits, sensory organs, teeth and many other systems. Because of this skulls of different animals vary wildly, particularly those who have different…

The Issue of Animal Cruelty Regarding Lions and Tigers

Human beings have a responsibility to treat animals with respect and not cause them needless suffering, because they have made it possible for mankind to survive on Earth. However, because normal adult humans seem to have superior cognitive abilities in the hierarchical scale of nature,…

Rattus Norvegicus and Its Usage as a Model Organism

Introduction Rattus norvegicus is one of the commonly known muroids, this rat is also called brown rat, Norwegian rat etc. The mid-1500s was when it reached Europe and around 1750 it reached North American. This rodent coat color is brown or grey with its body…

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