Value Of Honesty And Correctness

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The word value is defined as superior and useful quality in the dictionary (TDK, 2011). Value is the abstract behavior discipline formed by the strong emotional bonds of the members of a group, whose special behaviors and aims constitute the basis of judgment (Theoderson 1979, Act. Özensel, 2007: 744). Values are common opinions about what is good, what is bad, what is right or wrong, acceptable or unacceptable in a given society (Yiğittir & Kaymakçı, 2012).

If we remember personality traits, they reflect people’s characteristic patterns of feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. Honesty is to have personality traits like being sincere, being right, and being a direct party. The trickiness is not to be cheated and a lie, but to be in favor of truth and realism, and to be right in morality (Yücel, 2014). Usually, in dictionaries, we see that the concept of honesty corresponds with the word truth. In old times, it meant sincerity, and in other dictionaries, the essence means being one, showing what is as it is, and not hiding the truth (Çapan, 2011).

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When human beings are born, they were not able to distinguish between good, bad, evil, right, and wrong. People can gain value and develop the value they gain by their environment, lifestyle, family, and education they receive at school. People usually learn to choose right and wrong by education. Therefore, the more qualified the education, the easier it is for an individual to make the right choices (Karatay, 2011). When an assessment is made in this direction, the importance of schools in carrying out values education becomes apparent. Here, we may see that again, everything is connected to earn meaning. Maybe the educators influence us from our first years of study, by their own values, which they have gained from their surroundings.

With technological advances, it has become easier for mankind to gain access to most things that seem remote. As a result, people are constantly asking for more. So that it is now possible to reach what he desires to apply every way can be considered for him. It is seen that people who want to obtain the authority, position, material power, or respect they want more often apply to lies and forgery. This shows that societies are ethically impaired and the values adopted as a society are beginning to be forgotten. At the same time, the basis of this deterioration of values and ethical decline. It is thought that there are young generations who do not maintain and do not care about their values (Beldağ, 2012). In this context, in this rapid change, it is seen that it is important to ensure that some of the fundamental values, especially the honesty value, which is important in terms of raising the right and solid character, and which is universally accepted, are not disturbed and maintained. Because as the value of honesty loses its meaning and society does not give the necessary importance, the number of people who act correctly will decrease day by day. It is thought that the studies that will minimize or prevent this deterioration should be accelerated by starting with the increasing moral distortions. Especially considering the global, political, and ecological developments that we live in, moral virtues and values, regardless of culture and geography; It is important to emphasize the need for education and internalization in a way that is free from political, ideological, and even theological conflicts, and to enable the selection of good and right and to ensure the realization of these virtues-values (Kenan, 2009). In this respect, it is important to base the training on raising the honest and right people.

The concept of honesty is equivalent to being true. As this value is forgotten, people, especially younger generations, are likely to turn towards the wrong. Indeed, there is a curve across the line (Çapan, 2011). For this reason, a generation raised from the foundation of the value of honesty will always be right next to the truth and know how to behave right everywhere and in any situation. In building a solid future, it is evident that to preserve this basic value that makes human beings human and to bring those to new generations, it is important to gain honesty value in values education to raise reliable and proper characters that strong societies need. 

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