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Examining the Impact of Religion on Social Solidarity

“As Christians we are co-creators of life, being stewardships for God” Today, we realise how urgent this issue is for the whole world. The threat is to life in general. The life of the planet is endangered. The ecological crisis raises the problem of survival...

Unraveling Durkheim's Theory of Social Structures

Introduction Durkheim was a contemporary of Weber, but his work was very much different. BothMarx and Weber are generally known as conflict theorists. But, Durkheim believed thatharmony, rather than conflict, defined society. He had different ideas considering social facts,solidarity and societal cohesion. He examines social...

The Role of the Catholic Church in Solidarity in Poland

The Catholic Church and Solidarity in Poland Poland from 1945 to 1989 was trapped under the Soviet Communist dominance. Poland was constantly ruined and under control of other countries. Before 1945, Soviet secret police assisted massacres in Poland, killing 20,000 soldiers, Soviets built concentration camps...

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