Significance Of Kindness In Society

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Kindness is fundamental to human existence and affects one’s mental and physiological health. The straightforward act demands little work and originates from simply not harm others. The positive effects of kindness on others’ mental health include reducing pain, depression, and anxiety, and overall spread the feeling of joy and happiness that the trait brings. The overall increase in one’s individual behavior, mental health, and relationships proves that we need to portray kindness consistently to reduce division throughout societies.

A well-known trait is an act that helps people grow as an individual and shows that there are people that want you to succeed. Kindness has much more meaning than the act of being nice and making others feel happy, but the repetitive use of your ethical characteristics such as integrity. Niceness is often mistaken with the word kindness. Niceness is based on how other people view you; kindness is based on your own ethics, beliefs, and values. At the beginning of freshman year, I met a boy whose name is Nitai. This boy is a 15-year-old sophomore at Hickory High that sparks my mood the minute I see him. Over the three years, he has never failed to put a smile on my face due to his vibrant personality. I know that I radiate kindness to this soul due to the love and compassion evoked. Although it helps the surrounding society, it increases the population’s mental health. By surrounding myself with positive people, my mindset automatically leans toward success. Although the first step to being a better individual is to radiate positivity, it then changes the mindset and leads to evoke kindness toward yourself.

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“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” (Mark Twain) Kindness is a cure for many diseases in society including the mental illness of depression that over 300 million suffer from daily. The wonderful trait improves moods by stimulating the production of serotonin which heals wounds, clams, and increases happiness. Many different events can trigger depression such as losing a loved one, getting fired, divorced, or any other tragic moment. About 25% of Americans are affected by a mental illness worldwide, such as depression, bipolar, or anxiety disorder according to NAMI. Kindness promotes compassion and gratitude to help cope with the side effects of mental health disorders. Continuous compassion is what society needs to deteriorate diversity and improve life. Studies have proven that the practice of kindness has boost serotonin and dopamine levels within your brain. Throughout our body, negative emotions are closely tied to increase arguments, anger, and feelings of regret. Kindness may also do the simple job of boosting one’s immune system and slow down their aging. Each person in the world has a different opinion, but not everyone will consistently go and practice kindness toward others. Although it helps you grow and evokes determination, it also helps the mental stability of the body.

A relationship is a connection between two or more objects. There are many different things that kindness can heal in a relationship and build. According to Psychology Today, kindness is an imperative tool for success in marriage. This courageous trait makes each partner feel cared for, understood, and loved. In a relationship, one may feel more care and love if they encountered frequent gestures, to create positive emotions, and build satisfaction to lengthen their happiness. Although kindness in marriage is significant, it is also imperative in surrounding relationships with friends, potential associates, and society. The simple actions of reaching out to a long-lost friend, helping an elderly who is encountering difficulty, or by practicing forgiveness toward others and simply eliminating hostile mindsets. This will allow your relationships to grow with individuals over time which potentially could lead to successful opportunities. There are infinite chances to evoke kindness which potentially leads to a sense of unity when those can help the less fortunate. Our society can reduce division by portraying kindness consistently.

People can all hope for a change in society; to have a better community, but each individual must achieve this by invoking kindness. The impact of a simple gesture can change a person’s entire day and even become contagious for those surrounding. The simple act of being kind can include many benefits for the everyday life of society. Therefore, the more people that set substantial examples will evolve the society to a more positive environment—so smile!  

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