Should The Electoral College Be Abolished

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Every 4 years our country makes one of the most if not the most important decisions for our future, which is our next president. But is the voting process really fair? Direct votes aren’t even used, especially to smaller states, or states with less population. In these circumstances the voting process should be abolished.

Since the number of electoral votes are determined by how many representatives and senators a state has, many of the smaller states do not get many electoral votes. According to document A, states like Delaware, Vermont, and Washington D.C. get as little as 3 electoral votes. Even bigger states such as, Montana, and Wyoming get 3 electoral votes due to the lower population. Most people would expect to have more electoral votes in bigger states, but there just aren’t enough representatives. Even if the candidates have most of the popular vote they can ultimately lose because the state is too small. Does that really seem fair nowadays? Every vote counts. Continuing on to Document D which includes a informational chart. This chart includes the number of population for 12 states combined, which is 12,500,722, with 44 electoral votes. The other part of the chart includes only Illinois population of 12,830,632, with only 20 electoral votes. This definitely doesn’t seem fair at all. How can illinois have a higher population but still have less electoral votes? Ultimately there is more people in Illinois voted so shouldn’t they get more votes? This is another reason why the current voting process isn’t fair, and should be abolished.

Lastly Document G, in which I feel the popular vote is a waste of time since they don’t seem matter. Harrison had a popular vote of 5,443,899 and cleveland had 5,534,488, but of course Harrison won because he had more electoral votes. I’d ultimately want my president for the next four years to be the one with the most popular votes, but that doesn’t matter with the current voting process. This actually seems to be a pattern, because in the most recent election in 2016 the same thing happened. Hillary Clinton’s popular vote was 65,844,610 and Trump’s was 62,979,636, but Trump won the electoral vote so he was elected president. The huge difference of 2,864,974 still didn’t beat Trump.

Not only is the Electoral College unfair to smaller populations, but the Electoral College goes against basic democratic principles by making the vote of one citizen worth more than the vote of another,depending on the population of the state in which they reside and how close the race happens tobe in that state. If the Electoral College is abolished, all voters will be equally important, as theyshould be. In conclusion, the Electoral College discriminates, violates democratic principles, and is ultimatelyunfair. The Electoral College should be abolished to become an equal election.

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