Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence: Looking for Solution to the Problem

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First of all, I want to start by defining the concept of violence. The concept of violence is the attitude and behavior of an individual, which results in physical, psychological, economic and sexual harm. So violence; It covers all the individual or collective movements that cause physical or mental harm to people by applying power and pressure. In this article I will evaluate a myth from the concept of sexual violence. First, sexual violence defines any sexual acts that a person does not want to participate. For example; sexual violence, abuse, sexual abuse of children and women, rape, etc. Regrettably I would like to say that we hear and see such events in news and magazines every day in our country and in the world. Some people are looking for various ways to get rid of it and want to implement it, but some are not interested. Many subjects and various myths related to the concept of sexual violence have emerged. In this article our myth ’sexual violence was not going to be prevented in any way’. This is a thought over time. The reason I chose this myth is that there is a serious problem common in our country and in the whole world. In addition to this myth for what the literature said, what the results of the research has found me wonder. There are a lot of ways to prevent sexual violence, but there are a lot of people who think this is an uncontrollable thing. Perhaps increasing and decreasing the rate of violence may have affected this myth. In this article we will note that this myth is not actually correct. Sexual violence is a preventable problem. But it is a long and difficult period. Every person must be aware of this and must make an effort. There are programs and trainings that can be applied to prevent sexual violence. Some of those; Self defense training, bystander intervention and educational session.

One of the studies to prevent sexual violence is self defense training. In short, in this training program, people are given oral defense and physical defense training. These trainings also included topics related to sexual violence. This class participated in this study for 10 weeks, 3 hours per week (Hollander, 2014). In this training, defense techniques in small groups are shown as practical. There were also discussions about self-defense, activities continued in each course. This project focuses on the relationship between women completing their self-defense class and subsequent victimization. When they look at the differences between women in the self-defense class before and after, fewer sexual offensive reports have been recorded (although only for the first time). Compared with the comparison group and women in the self defense class, there was a difference of 3% between the two groups. 3% of the comparison group reported that sexual assault was completed (Hollander, 2014). The effects of sexual assault are very deep and I think everyone knows it. When we look at this study, if self-defense training reduces the risk of sexual violence for women, it will also be very effective and will be very effective in reducing their non-defensive attitudes towards violence. Research results show that self-defense training has been a powerful tool to reduce sexual violence. If we look at the reports, self-defense students reported fewer sexual assaults, fewer rapes and fewer attacks. We can see from these research that there are actually strategies and ways to prevent sexual violence. This myth is in fact not a condition that cannot be prevented in any way.

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The other way to prevent sexual violence is bystander intervention program. First of all what we call Bystander? We can call it the audience effect. In the case where any person needs help, the number of persons who witness this event is the same as the number of people who fail to do so. If a person is in a difficult situation and there are few people around him, the rate of help is increasing. This is the term we refer to as Bystander. Accordingly, bystander intervention is to choose to respond in a way that can potentially affect the result by recognizing a potentially harmful situation or interaction. In such a situation, it means to play an active audience role (Baynard, 2007). This approach involves teaching people how to intervene in situations involving sexual violence. In my opinion, it should be our first goal to help people in every condition when we see a person with any level of condition. If we investigate the research, it is stated that sexual attacks are more likely in the environments where the active audience does not intervene (Schwartz, 2001). This program has been effective in increasing the behaviors of the audience and has also been effective in reducing the behavior of bad behavior (Banyard, 2007). The preparation component of the audience program is often applied to the changing behavior of the transthe sedentary model. Transtheventional model is known as the behavior change model. It is a theory of integrative therapy that evaluates a person’s readiness to engage in a healthy behavior and provides change strategies or strategies to guide the individual. It is concluded that there are parallels related to the change of attitude and behavior required for the success of this theory. Researches have shown that society norms need to be changed (Schwartz, 2001). The norms of society are seen to be quite effective in the causes and prevention of sexual violence. First of all, it is important to reduce the attitudes of rape support. In this way, information related to sexual violence can be increased. people can take the decision to change their behavior. It also means that individuals are more willing to take part in an event as an active audience.

Education sessions are among the most common sexual violence prevention trials. The aim here is firstly to come down to the root of sexual violence, to help the participants develop skills for respectfull interactions. They also have the ability to empower their changes to be mediate. The primary sexual violence focuses on prevention training, sexual assault, gender roles influence, respect for personal limits, consent, conflict resolution, and studies to improve them. Appropriate prevention training programs should be provided before risk factors emerge and according to the level of development of the participants. Informations can be provided to young people through various presentations of sexual violence awareness. But this alone will not be enough. Those who create successful training programs support them with various activities and increase the success rate.

Taking everything into consideration, I can say that sexual violence is a preventable problem. We have collected information from some articles for this myth. All in all, we can see that this myth doesn’t really reflect the truth. Because it shows that sexual violence can be prevented. While some studies fail, this does not mean that sexual violence cannot be prevented. In order to prevent sexual violence, people need to be aware of this issue. The sexual violence prevention strategies and programs that we discussed in this article are self- defense training, bystander intervention and educational session.

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