Essay Samples on Literary Terms

Fire Is a Prominent Symbol in Anthem

Fire is a symbol that cannot be defined in one word. It is recognized as a purifier, destroyer, energy, change, and as a generative power of life. It can symbolize ignorance and enlightenment, demolition and rebirth, spirituality and damnation. In Anthem, Rand takes the representation...

Guilt as the Central Theme in the Literature

Guilt is one of the central themes and the center of the whole novel as readers’ thoughts of guilts towards Perry and Dick vary as we learn more about their past. Regardless of who pulled the triggered and committed the actual murder, I think both...

The Tone And Mood In The Devil And Tom Walker

The term “literary movement” is used to describe a time period in which authors used similar themes and writing styles to express their ideas in literary and artistic works. As years passed new literary movements emerged with the changing ideals and views of both the...

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