Essay Samples on Indian Culture

Diversities In The Indian Subcontinent

The Indian subcontinent has seen and continues to see diversity in numerous forms. It is said to have one of the largest geographical, biological, religious, socio-cultural, linguistic and natural diversities in the world. Despite the tugs from various angles, there seems to be an abstract…

The History Of Marathi Cinema

The ‘realist’ aesthetics of this cinema is significant towards understanding the ‘New Marathi Cinema’ which draws its continuity as well as marks its break from the New Indian Cinema. The New Indian Cinema or Parallel Cinema was later showcased on the national television channel through…

India & Its Culture Overview

In October, a group of Indian journalists will be visiting the ECDC. This Communication Guide is prepared at the request of the International Relations Section to provide a guidance document for ECDC colleagues who will participate in this visit. Indian culture is well-known for being…

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