How To Succeed In College

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Attending school can feel like a daunting task. We will all experience some sort of education throughout our lives. Whether a first-time student or a returning student, one will need the tools and the know how to be successful. To become a successful student, one needs to attend class, set high goals, and find the place and time to study.

First, the student must attend class. Professors give lectures, have presentations, and group discussions that a student must be present for. Most of the time the teacher will go over the important information to know in class and can answer any questions a student may have. By attending their class, a student will be able to keep up with their homework, lesson plan, and take their quizzes and tests on time. Group projects could also be affected by not attending. Not only does a student’s grade go down, but possibly your classmates as well. Classes are taught by instructors for a reason. Otherwise, one would read a book and take an exam. Instructors provide more insight and knowledge on the material a student is studying. Failure to attend class can even drop a student’s grade in some cases.

Setting goals is vital to long term success. Planning short, medium, and long-term goals can motivate a student to work harder and smarter. Having goals will hold a student accountable for their actions. It allows a measure for progress. Set goals that are realistic and able to be Miller 2achieved. If the goal is too big, then break it down into smaller goals. Students who know what their strengths and weaknesses are can use that information to increase their chances of meeting their goals. After meeting that success, a student can look back over time and see what they could have done better and possibly make that a future goal. Having goals and meeting them not only benefits students academically but boosts their self-confidence as well. Long-term goals could include a course of study in a particular field or major. A long-term goal could be to graduate with a degree in that major field of study. This breaks down further into smaller goals. A medium range goal would be to complete a series of classes or a particular class. A medium range goal may be to make it through a semester completing all your scheduled classes. Completing the medium range goals eventually rewards the student with the coveted college degree. Short-term goals are the day to day tasks required to complete the coursework of each individual class. Sometimes it means blocking out the time to read the required text books. It can be participating in study groups or just working with another student drilling each other in preparation for an exam or quiz. Other short-term goals might be to stay awake during a class or writing notes to review later in preparation for exams. Working on course work one step at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time will eventually total up to courses completed.

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One of the many differences between being in high school and going to college is there is nobody standing over you and telling you it’s time to do your homework. Many college students find it hard to balance their time between school work and their personal life. When it comes to studying, finding a space to study is more than just finding a quiet place. Many students have a place they can go to, but does it have distractions?A library would be more of an ideal environment. Chances are the students in there are devoting their time to homework, reading or studying as well. Marking on a calendar what time and location will hold a student more accountable.

Time management is critical to succeeding in college. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you can plan to fail. ” Gauging the correct amount of time to complete reading and studying is difficult and important. All students have different attention spans, as well as different abilities to absorb information. Knowing one’s self in this way will be a key component in creating a successful time management plan.

Even for the most prepared student, college can be a challenge. Finding the right tools and developing these skills will help you become a successful college student. Sticking to these tips will help you to have successful college life and further succeed in your business career.

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