Fools Are Found On Schools

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They say that robots would overpower people in the future just like in the movie “Start of the Robot Invasion” wherein robots would control the world. And I fear that these robots are being encoded already, not in a form of robots that are made of metal but by the form of students. Computers has their chips, that contains a code which basically leads them to one way of doing things. Let’s do analyzation: computers are to students, chips are to our education system, and encoders are to schools. Schools are turning us into robots that we fear to invade the world in the future. They are encoding the “standard” or the “expectation” of society in us, in computers. And if you, a student, fails to process the data being encoded to you, you’re a failure. A disgrace. And many tend to believe this, specially students that’s why my topic is entitled “Fools are Found on Schools. ” Students are the fool ones for they tend to believe that others are better than them, because those ‘others’ can process the data being encoded by the education system through what they call academics. And I have 3 supporting subtopics that would support the claim ‘fools are found on schools’. One, school standardizes the world. Two, one size never fits all. Three, schools destroys a child. Listen so you would know how schools turns students into fools.

Let’s proceed with the first one which is schools standardizes the world. Admit it or not, this one is true. Our education system is obsessed with a narrow definition of success, that you’ll only be sccessfull if you ace in math, sciences and the like. As stated by Distant Mind in 2016, our education system is based on the need of industrial revolution wherein the most important subject is math, weighing down the value of arts and music. We are not on the time of industrial revolution anymore, yet we still follow a narrow education system that only caters the needs of the so-called ‘revolution’. Now the case is that if you suck in math and sciences, and you ace in arts, you are an outcast. A failure. Because the school – not to mention that the society as well – believes that you’ll only be successful if you ace in your academic subjects. And this is when a student thinks that other students are better. And why is that? Simple because other students are better than that student when it comes to academics. Schools turns students into fools.

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The second point, the one I called “one size never fits all”; schools, as stated earlier, being narrow to the definition of success then leads to the conclusion that schools has only one way of educating all of us. They expect us to fit perfectly on the size that they require, but we are not liquids that would fit to any container. It is an “illectual massacre” as stated by Hazel Healy in 2017. Schools chops down our true intelligence into what the school and the society thinks as ‘standard’. And students gets depressed when they don’t “fit in” in the promised one size that they said would fit to all. Again, one size never fits to all unless you chop down some parts. Schools are turning children into fools for letting then think that if they don’t fit in, they are an outcast. Schools turns students into fools.

And those key points leads to an effect. The third point, where schools destroys a child. Let’s do analyzation again, shall we? Cheese grater is to the educational system, cheese is to students, and school is to the hands that pushes the cheese. Schools are pushing students to the blades of standards for us to be shaped, to fit in, in the society who are all shredded already and it hurts on the process. Schools turns students into fools. Fools for belittling themselves. For punishing themselves for being an outcast, a failure, a disgrace, name it! Schools destroys a child’s confidence and self-esteem! This situation needs to change, as stated by Pink Floyd, different portion of skills and knowledge are needed for each of us who is different in various ways in order for us to develop our full potential. Schools needs to stop “standardizing”. It needs to stop from expecting that all of us would fit in the size they’ve set. Because if they do, if they let the students discover the secrets of the universe, the secrets of their own true intelligence, fools won’t be found on schools anymore.

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