Expressing My Thankfulness and Gratitude to Colleagues

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I am using this occasion to communicate my thankfulness to everyone who supported me all through my studies. I am grateful for their aspirant assistance, invaluably productive criticism and gracious pieces of advice. I would like to thank first and foremost, Dr Chris Shinn the director of AMIDEAST for allowing me to have my internship in the AMIDEAST and therefore to conduct classroom report observations.

I express my warm thanks to my boss ELT Manager Amy Mabrouk, for her support, guidance and inspiration. She consistently allowed me a reasonable amount of freedom and creativity but steered me in the right direction whenever she thought I needed it in my internship. My deep gratitude also goes to the Head chief department of the TESOL Linguistics MA; Dr Boutheina Sayadi; my supervisor. She was always open she offered me help whenever I needed it. And especially many thanks to the teacher Roua Najjar for welcoming me in her own classes. Last but not least, I would like to pay special thankfulness, warmth and appreciation to those who stood by me in my times of happiness as well as despair. They not only assisted me financially but also extended their support morally and emotionally. I had the chance to be present in classrooms to observe what is happening in the classroom as a Master degree student of Linguistic TESOL, it was an opportunity for me to consolidate my knowledge about teaching and learning in TESOL and TEFL and especially TEYL.

This experience helped me shape my understanding about teaching and how it is not easy to put theory into practice. Teaching is not a mere sole job and the teacher is not only supposed to enable learning and acquisition but to council, facilitate and solve problems. There are many inconveniences that can intervene in a classroom context even deliberately, and the teacher using and resorting to his own character and soft skills would do his or her best to get rid and eradicate those inconveniences.

This remarkable experience made discover that I enjoy working with kids; I was captivated by their startling energy, their innocence, playful behaviors and the joyful aura they propagate. At the end, I have included the Exam they took during the session. The cozy environment in which the courses were run made me yearn to repeat this inspiring experience and relive it again. I will never forget those special kids, they were unique.

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