Effects, Risks, And Accidents Resulting From Distracted Driving

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Did you know that 8 out 10 car distracted driving accidents are caused primarily by the use of cell phones? “With the widespread use of cell phones, the danger of being distracted while driving has become more than an increasingly prominent social issue.” (Gale, aGengage Company, Page1). Our actions and consequences shape our path and reveal our personality; choosing to do certain actions results into changes, also called, consequences. This shows others like your family, friends or colleagues who you are and what personality you really have. As an example, if you decide to take the action to help someone on a regular basis, it will reveal that you are someone who cares about others and the consequences would be positive. We will talk about an altruistic personality. You would be recognized as a lovely person and a lot of people would like to stay close to you. On the opposite, if you decide to be violent with others, it will reveal an aggressive personality and the consequence could be that you end up in jail. Relating to the topic of “Distracted Driving”, if someone is choosing to use their cell phone while driving, the consequence could be that he can not only put himself but others in danger. It will reveal a nonconformist personality.

Overall, the choices you are making and the actions you are taking will have a consequence on your future which will reveal who you are and the way your life is most certainly going to roll out. This is my explanation because that’s what happens in real life, every action always have some kind of consequence which may affect your life. It could generate a positive or negative impact on you and others and the rest of the world.

The article “Distracted Driving” demonstrates how our actions have many consequences. In the article, an example is illustrated by the following quote: “Texting while driving increases the risks of getting into a car accident. A distracted driver’s chances of a collision are much higher than an undistracted driver’s chances.” (Gale, a Cengage Company, Page1). This quote shows that people who take bad actions will have bad consequences, potentially in this situation, it could result in an accident whereas those that do not get distracted on their cell phones will have less problems. It shows the personality of certain people who do not want to follow the rules and that are taking more risks than others as a consequence. This second quote is showing the financial consequences of not following the rules; “Because of this, people who text while behind the wheel may face financial penalties. These include fines, liability for property damage, and increased vehicle insurance rates resulting from traffic tickets or accidents.” (Gale, a Cengage Company, Page1).

Another example of actions turning into negative consequences is that people who decide to text behind the wheel will face punishing penalties revealing how unsafe they are. Personal connection; In a french movie called “Notre Premiere Rencontre (Our First Date),” it talks about a freshman guy named Justin that just left his parents to go find a job in New York. Every morning, he had the routine of going to Starbucks. One morning, as usual, he went to Starbucks but this time he had nowhere to sit for his quick breakfast so a young lady called Abigail proposed him to sit with her and that’s how they became friends. Every day, they would sit together and get to know each other more and more until one day, Justin asked her out. Couple years later, that’s when they became a couple and had many kids. Unfortunately, one night, Abigail got a phone call from the police saying that her husband just had a car crash. She later found out that Justin was not paying attention to the road, and that he was texting while driving. Abigail was heartbroken, she then had a regretful life. This movie can relate to my topic “Distracted Driving” as Justin was not aware or conscious of the risk that texting behind the wheel had on him and others. Justin’s accident also shows how unsafe of a person he was and how significant the impact on him and others was while choosing to break the rules.

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In the Article “Texting While Driving?”, the information ties back to my essential question as this paraphrase shows it; Research has shown that whether you send or write texts, you are in great risks of road accidents. Studies show that over 50 percent of those people are teens, aged 14-21. Additional studies have also uncovered troubling statistics. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) in 2015, every day about nine people were killed and more than one thousand were injured in accidents in which distracted driving was a factor. That same year, nearly 3,500 people were killed in accidents caused by distracted driving, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Considering solutions to reduce accidents and help people, many doctors have suggested and proposed to people to download apps that restrict them from going on their phone while driving and more helpful ideas.

Some people have proposed private lessons to talk about driving and when cell phones are appropriate to use. All of these solutions can get people thinking of their actions and how these impact them and others. (Gale, a Cengage Company, Page1). This paraphrased information explains how teens do not take into account their actions seriously. Nevertheless, they could incur high risks which could impact their life or the lives of others. In terms of personality, it could show a lack of maturity or caring of the teens in general. The numbers of car accidents deaths and injuries due to distracted driving leave many doctors to come up with solutions to prevent people to be distracted while driving. The doctors are taking some actions to help people which shows a caring personality. Many do not notice how their actions have a huge consequence, positive or negative, which eventually, depending on the situation, will impact their life, revealing who they are and show others what kind of person they are. It’s like a cycle, you take actions, you scar your life in a way that could be either bad or good.Paragraph 3;The article “Texting, Driving, and the Law”, relates well with the essential question I chose. The following quote “Considering people stop getting distracted while they’re driving should put less people in harm and reduce accidents. Unfortunately, though everybody has been told and warned about the risks of texting while driving, many drivers still have the wrong behaviours that cause them to be on their phone constantly.” (Gale, a Cengage Company Page 2) demonstrates that despite awareness of the risks, some people still decide to adopt the wrong behavior that will end up with unfortunate consequences. Some people tend to ignore the consequences of distracted driving or whatever is putting them and others at risk…

Many are losing their lives due to wrong behaviors and ignorance and they are not willing to care or listen to others’ advice. Additionally, this correlates to the same theme of how actions and consequences shape your future and reveal your personality. If you choose to go your way without knowing what’s really safe, you will end up in trouble which will shape your life’s path and reveal what kind of mental personality you have and your belief in what is considered bad or good. Paraphrasing information, “New ideas that some have thought about, that would stop people from getting in danger would be like cars that drive automatically and that people do not have to pay attention to the road. Other ingenious ideas could be like cameras that tell you when something bad is happening like you are getting too close to a car or you are approaching a red light. Another great and smart idea could be like cameras looking from outside set up by police on walls beside highways or streets sending a warning to them, which would more than likely shutdown their phones for the ride.” (Gale, a Cengage Company, Page1). This shows a positive side of the argument as if we can find new ways to reduce car crashes/ accidents, it would reduce deaths which would force people to stay safe and aware of what are the risks and keep them more than likely safe for the rest of their lives.

Conclusion: There are hundreds of things we do repeatedly, routinely every day. We wake up, eat our meals, brush our teeth, check our phones, go to school or do our jobs and satisfy our addictions. All of these are part of our daily habits. In addition, the actions we are taking and its subsequent consequences will define our life and will reveal who we are. My essential question relates well with my topic “Distracted Driving”; many people do not realize how important are the actions they take. In this case, it would be the fact that people use their cell while driving or other ways of getting distracted while driving, which would cause major consequences. Though people may know the risks and consequences of texting while driving or other forms of distraction, they may not always be aware of the increasingly prominent social issue. They may not know or be conscious of the high percentage of having a car crash caused because of distraction… People may also not often realise how big of an impact they have on others and themselves when they choose to break the rules. To conclude, as a general statement, it is very important to think about the actions you are taking and what kind of consequences it will generate for you and others. It will reveal your type of personality and will define a certain path in your life.

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