College Sports Vs. Pro Sports

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College sport vs Pro sports

As Vince Lombardi once said “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” This is true at any level of play. This is especially true with the higher level of sports play because without this mentality to be a winner it’s not possible to be successful. That being said, it can be profoundly seen the many differences and similarities between the two highest level of play, that being college sports and pro sports. Most notable being the drama surrounding both college and pro sports, the level of play and even the length of the seasons.

Let’s begin with the drama. One of the biggest examples at the professional level is the anthem protest in the NFL. This ongoing protest is caused by the players that see injustice in America for people of color. The way that drama is shown in pro sports is the holdouts for larger contracts and better monthly salaries. This is seen all over the pro sports scene even being used to force moves away from a certain team. One recent example is the former Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois holding out from training to get a move to Spain soccer superpower Real Madrid. These are known examples of drama in pro sports world.

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As opposed to the drama in pro sports in college players are enraged by the fact that teams profit from there skill and they do not earn a single cent from the NCAA’s revenue. To go along with that the college scene is also plagued by scandal. One of the recent event is the scandal surrounding the Ohio state buckeyes and their head coach Urban Meyer. This was a result of one of his former assistant coaches (Zach Smith) sex scandal which involved photos sent from the white house during OSU’s visit following their Nation trophy win in 2015 (1). All this is evidence that the drama in both college sports and pro sports are alike.There also similarities between both college and pro sports like the fact that there are lots of levels of play. In the pro sports world there are secondary leaguels like in england where the premier league reigns supreme. There’s still the championship which is were relegated teams from the premier league go as well as sending their three best teams to the premier league. These type of secondary leagues are found everywhere in soccer and even in the NBA with the likes of the G-league. Simerly in college there are different levels of play in form of divisions. The highest level being D1 where all high school athletes dream of reaching as a stepping stone to reach the pros. While not all students reach that level there are still lower divisions like D2 and D3. While not the ideal stepping stone it is still possible to reach the pros from this level. A success story is the way Carson Wentz ( The Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback) came up from South Dakota State a D2 school.

Other levels besides the divisions are community colleges where students coming out of there are referred as JUCO prospects. One of the major differences to consider is the length of the seasons. In pro sports like NFL football the teams play a total of 16 games not including the playoff which can range from one to four games depending how deep the teams playoff run is. Sticking to American pro sports the MLS ( mens league soccer) the seasons runs from March to October each team playing a total of 34 games again not counting the playoffs. Then in the NBA the season starts in October and ends in April playing a total of 82 games while the playoffs are unpredictable. On the other hand in college football the teams play 14 games,but with more teams around the country there are more games between all teams. Then in college basketball teams play 27-29 games then teams with good records compete in the conference tournaments there after teams who exxel in the tournament move on to some little tournament called march madness. Even after all those tournaments and games college seasons are all around shorter than pro seasons. With this evidence it can be noted that the length of seasons are extremely different.And after seeing the results of my survey of 13 people it is evident that pro sports is the more liked of the two with a 8-5 result in favor of pro sports. The biggest decider was the fact that pro sports players were paid.Another factor was the level of the players ability. While the biggest reason for the selection of college sports was just the sheer number of games played.(2)In comparison college sports and pro sports are similar in many ways. Such as the drama that surrounds both and the many competitive levels. On the other hand, there are differences such as the length of the seasons.

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