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The Women's Rights Movement And Abolitionists

The mid-nineteenth century, in the US, is synonymous with social reform. The antebellum decades are characterized by an eruption of desire for reforms, in both secular and spiritual contexts. The various reform movements that occurred across the country at the time, pushed for change regarding...

The Literary Analysis of Media on Death Penalty and Abolitionism

This article defines that neither objection is a sufficient reason to ignore or dismiss the incapacitation rationale. A closer analysis of the proposed non lethal alternatives reveals that solitary confinement entails extraordinary cruelty and psychological damage, while life imprisonment without parole, though it may reduce...

Barbados Revolt 1816

On the morning of Sunday April 14, 1816 Bussa led round 400 slaves several cane fields have been set afire and from Bayley’s Plantation in St Philip the rebellion rapidly spread to Christ Church, St George, St Thomas, St Lucy and St Thomas. Bussa, (additionally...

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